Profile: Wren

Name: Wren
Name Origin: Old English (Means: Little Bird)
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Female
DoB: Unknown (she was adopted)
DoA: November 18 2008
Age: 3

Company: Bluefairy
Mold: Pocket Fairy 'Yoko'
Height: 14cm
Face-Up: Bluefairy Default
Mods: None

Profile: Wilson

Name: Wilson
Name Origin: Old English (Means: Son of William)
Nicknames: N/A
Gender: Male
DoB: July 02 2008
DoA: August 11 2008
Age: 17

Company: Latidoll
Mold: Red 'K'
Height: 65cm
Face-Up: Latidoll (premium make-up service)
Mods: None (yet)
Ryuhei - Colourful

My perfect little bird ~ Wren

I received Wren a while ago (Nov 2008), she is an adopted Bluefairy Pocket Fairy 'Yoko' - but this is her first official photoshoot (I know... neglect of the highest degree)... she's quite the little silent poser (^_^)

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... I need to learn how to sew little dresses better... (_ _)
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Profile: Never

Name: Never
Name Origin: English (meaning 'not ever')
Nicknames: Nev
Gender: Male
DoB: March 13
DoA: June 01 2008
Age: 17

Company: Lati
Mold: Blue Yern head / Blue boy body
Height: 46cm
Face-up: Premium Lati Makeup Service
Mods: 3+ piercings (all ear)
Arkady - Fake

Profile: Eben


Name: Eben
Name Origin: Hebrew (meaning Stone / Rock)
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
DoB: July 04
DoA: August 25 2008
Age: 17/18

Company: LUTS
Mold: Delf Chiwoo
Height: 60cm
Face-up: LUTS default
Mods: none